Javsicas Awards on December 12

Save the date! On December 12 we will give the Javsicas Award to:*The City of Philadelphia for CONNECT, the City’s Strategic Transportation Plan, and*The SE Partnership for Mobility Advisory CommitteeAs with previous years, we are looking for sponsorships to help make this event a success for PenTrans. Levels are:*Gold @ $1,000*Silver @$500*Bronze @ $200

PenTrans Webinar August 9

Will place-based thinking be the future of transportation? Can shifting focus to community building (or placemaking) not only better benefit our communities but save money and speed up project delivery? In this webinar, we will explore how framing transportation solutions within a place and community context can better serve communities and transportation agencies. PenTrans Webinar … Continue reading PenTrans Webinar August 9

Connect: Transit First

The City of Philadelphia recently published a transportation strategic plan. Chris Puchalsky, Director of Policy and Strategic Initiatives at the Office of Transportation, Infrastructure, and Sustainability, spoke with the PenTrans board last week about the Transit First goals that the mayor has set. We found the conversation very informative and wanted to share Chris' presentation. You … Continue reading Connect: Transit First

2018 Javsicas Awards & Holiday Reception

2018 Peter Javsicas Multi-Modal Transportation Advocate Awards & Holiday Reception The 2018 Peter Javsicas Multi-Modal Transportation Advocate Award and Holiday Reception is on December 4 at 5:00 and will honor Rep. John Taylor and Rep. Bill Keller. Order your tickets now! Invited speakers include Leslie Richards, Jennie Granger, Jeff Knueppel, Mike Carroll, Ken McClain and … Continue reading 2018 Javsicas Awards & Holiday Reception

Yelling at engineers is not the solution

AUGUST 16 ROUNDUP How do planners and engineers better communicate with the public? That's a question that has come up often in recent PenTrans board meetings. I'm sure many readers can relate to a planning meeting description Randy LoBasso gave to PlanPhilly, "It was an engineer-gets-up-in-front-of-a-crowd-and-explains-as-best-he-can-and-the-crowd-gets-up-and-yells-at-him sort of thing.” OTIS is having success with an … Continue reading Yelling at engineers is not the solution