SEPTA Bus Network Redesign, Congratulations to Jennie Granger

SEPTA has taken an important step towards a bus network redesign with the release of the Walker Bus Network Choices Report. The success of transit in Philadelphia will depend on extensive planning and coordination by the City and SEPTA — and ultimately suburban municipalities and the state. How will we build the public support needed to make that happen?

Congratulations to our own Jennie Granger on her appointment as PennDOT’s Deputy Secretary for Multimodal Transportation! Although she will no longer serve on the PenTrans board, Jennie will be a great advocate for public transportation at PennDOT.

“I look forward to continuing PennDOT’s Multimodal legacy of working with transit agencies across the state to deliver service efficiently and effectively,” says Jennie. “With our transit agencies offering more than 400 million rides a year, our residents count on all of us to continue to meet their mobility needs day in and day out. I also look forward to working with all of our partners as we deliver mobility for pedestrians and bicyclists and through our support for passenger and freight rail and aviation.”

On a programming note, we are still working on a new date for our rescheduled breakfast panel. Stay tuned!

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