Counting bus routes and how “Suburban Station” got its name

As SEPTA prepares to take on a bus network redesign, it might be helpful to follow the thinking of the architect of that plan: Jarrett Walker. In a recent post (see below), he discusses measuring service hours rather than number of bus routes.

In our news roundup…
Fewer teens are getting driver’s licenses but are Uber and Lyft winning their loyalty over transit? Riders are happy with service at the Port Authority but ridership isn’t growing. And in Cincinnati riders try to build support for increasing funding while Republicans in California try to roll back a gas tax increase and the GOP House proposes more taxes on transit and bikes. Lastly, don’t miss a great article on the history of Suburban Station.

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Uber and Lyft are becoming more popular modes of travel than buses, but in the process they’re congesting our cities and overwhelmingly serve the urban wealthy, a new study finds.

Good news for public transportation riders in Pittsburgh.

When presenting a plan, I’ll sometimes be asked to count bus routes. How many bus routes change in the plan? How many bus routes still go into the urban core? These questions have nothing to do with the quality or quantity of transit service.

With the population of Phoenixville and the five townships which surround projected to nearly double by 2045, one thing seems certain — traffic isn’t going to get any lighter any time soon.

London has reduced traffic deaths nearly 50 percent in the last decade, but Mayor Sadiq Khan isn’t satisfied.

The bill would amount to a tax increase of more than $200 million annually on American transit agencies.

The tax is under threat of repeal from a November ballot measure that has energized the state’s moribund Republican Party.

Fed up with county representatives hostile to transit, advocates are fighting to give the city more resources and a stronger say in transit policy.

SEPTA is urging passengers to adopt the SEPTA Key Card ahead of upcoming changes to its services in August.

The Port Authority of Allegheny County’s board of directors hired a firm to perform engineering work for its Bus Rapid Transit project Friday. The authority …

Fewer and fewer teens are getting their drivers’ licenses every year, studies show. The reasons vary, but come down to opportunity, cost, and motivation.

After nearly 50 years, it’s the dawn of a new era for two of Pennsylvania’s busiest roads — and the end of a very different one.

Why a train station in the heart of Philly has “suburban” in its name.
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