Yelling at engineers is not the solution

How do planners and engineers better communicate with the public? That’s a question that has come up often in recent PenTrans board meetings. I’m sure many readers can relate to a planning meeting description Randy LoBasso gave to PlanPhilly, “It was an engineer-gets-up-in-front-of-a-crowd-and-explains-as-best-he-can-and-the-crowd-gets-up-and-yells-at-him sort of thing.” OTIS is having success with an open house approach (see below).

Do you have ideas on how transportation professionals can better communicate with the public — either on particular projects or on big challenges like the need for funding? Hit reply and let us know.

In our news roundup…
Two perspectives on whether ride sharing is causing more congestion, a thoughtful article that explains the challenges to upgrading water infrastructure, kudos to SEPTA on Positive Train Control, and an architect’s vision of modular streets for Google’s Sidewalk Toronto project.

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Public planning meetings can be contentious, to say the least. Randy LoBasso would know. As the communications director for the Bicycle Coalition of Greater…

Where are you most likely to be killed by a car in Philadelphia? (Hint: Not Center City)  Philly.comFull coverage

SEPTA explains how it got Positive Train Control up and running before almost any other railroad in the country.

When a broken water main sent 15 million gallons surging into Center City streets, public attention was riveted by scenes of pedestrians sloshing along…

Throughout the past few years, the explosive growth of ride-hailing services such as Uber and Lyft have changed the landscape of urban transportation.

Cities have been congested and transit has been poorly used for years before ride-hailing companies set up shop.

Lake Erie Cyclefest is collaborating this week with Erie’s Blues & Jazz Festival.

Allentown has secured some grant funding to finally begin the process of building a trail connecting Center City to the West End and Jordan Park. Design is underway for several pieces, and some money has been secured for construction.

On the 11th floor of a Center City office building, Rian Franks and Jacqueline Chapman sit just a few feet away from each other.…

Why does the Philadelphia Parking Authority exist? This isn’t just the lament of drivers filled with the kind of rage that can only be…

“We take mixed waste, which is hard to process, and turn it into a gray fluffy solid.”

An aggressive rule set by the Obama administration in 2012 called for increasing fuel economy standards to 54.5 miles per gallon by 2025.

The Hub of Hope ‘Living Room’ is a place where Center City’s homeless population can drop their belongings and their burdens and breathe, even just for a few hours.

Architect Carlo Ratti envisions modular streets that can morph to meet the everyday needs of a neighborhood
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