Safety First! Then you should be riding transit


Cars are sold on their safety features even as 40,000 people were killed on US roads in 2017. Why isn’t transit marketed as the safest way to travel? Is that a solid argument for funding increased service (which might be the key to inducing demand)? Read the lead articles in our roundup and let us know what you think.

In our news roundup…
Scooters, a look at the origins of light rail in Pittsburgh, a car with eyes like a muppet, an ode to the end of paper transfers and a new study suggests that ride sharing is worsening congestion.

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There’s a clear relationship between transit use and reduced traffic deaths. So why do federal safety efforts ignore it?

Streetcar, bus, and metro systems have been ignoring one lesson for 100 years: Service drives demand.

Turns out there’s a lot of latent demand for a quick and cheap way to get around.

Why did Pittsburgh only create light rail for the South Hills? Why was it never created in other suburbs? The answer is a mix of transit history, geography, and money.

Public transportation data app Transit, which uses crowdsourcing to give you real-time arrival estimates, is now covering the Philly region.

In hopes of helping a wary public gain trust in self-driving vehicles, Jaguar Land Rover tests an autonomous pod that makes eye contact with pedestrians.

NJ Transit still may miss the deadline for a federally mandated safety system.

The Boston suburb of Revere takes on Pittsburgh. Both bus stops put you in touch with nature — in a bad way.

The people who drive the least, suffer the most.

A new report by Bruce Schaller suggests that ride hailing services are adding to overall traffic on city streets, and risk making urban cores less desirable places to live.

The company wants you to be able to pay the same amount for your most used route no matter the time of day.

Paper transfers officially ended yesterday, July 31, and while many people have embraced this change, one Philadelphian took to Reddit to post, “An ode to paper transfers (RIP).”

And they might reach out to chat, totally unprovoked.

Pedestrians, bicyclists, and one pup named Bizzy braved the heat of the last Tuesday in August to take a customized tour of the area surrounding Philadelphia’s new Rail Park.

Kelli McIntyre stood in light rain on Germantown Avenue, holding a clipboard and watching as car after car ignored a “Do Not Enter” sign and turned up a small street called Ashmead Place.

Including a history scavenger hunt, jazz festival, and pop-up beach.

Louis J. Gambaccini, a former general manager of SEPTA and the first chairman of New Jersey Transit’s board, died at his home in Skillman,…
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